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1982 Fleer

Image # Var. Name Details Search
207 UER Scott, Rodney Photo is actually Tim Raines ebay-icon
438 a Hrabosky, Al All Hrabosky, 5'1" on back ebay-icon
438 b Hrabosky, Al Al Hrabosky, 5'1" on back ebay-icon
img-icon 438 c Hrabosky, Al Al Hrabosky, 5'10" on back ebay-icon
img-icon 555 a Jackson, Darrell Black cap ebay-icon
img-icon 555 b Jackson, Darrell Red cap with emblem ebay-icon
555 c Jackson, Darrell Red cap no emblem ebay-icon
img-icon 576 a Littlefield, John Reversed photo; pitching lefty ebay-icon
img-icon 576 b Littlefield, John Corrected photo ebay-icon
img-icon 603 a Smith, Lee Cubs logo reversed on back ebay-icon
img-icon 603 b Smith, Lee Corrected logo ebay-icon
636 a Nl Strikeout King, "... led the" ebay-icon
636 b Nl Strikeout King, "...led the" ebay-icon
646 a Yankee Powerhouse, Comma after outfielder on back ebay-icon
646 b Yankee Powerhouse, No comma ebay-icon

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