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1982 Topps Blackless

Image # Var. Name Details Search
8 BL Dauer, Rich ebay-icon
9 BL Guidry, Ron ebay-icon
10 BL Guidry, Ron ebay-icon
11 BL Alexander, Gary ebay-icon
12 BL Haas, Moose ebay-icon
13 BL Johnson, Lamar ebay-icon
14 BL Howe, Steve ebay-icon
17 BL Evans, Darrell ebay-icon
18 BL Arroyo, Fernando ebay-icon
20 BL Maddox, Garry ebay-icon
24 BL Frost, Dave ebay-icon
26 BL Orta, Jorge ebay-icon
28 BL Urrea, John ebay-icon
31 BL Seaver, Tom ebay-icon
35 BL Aikens, Willie ebay-icon
37 BL Graham, Dan ebay-icon
38 BL Lea, Charlie ebay-icon
39 BL Whitaker, Lou ebay-icon
40 BL Parker, Dave ebay-icon
42 BL Sofield, Rick ebay-icon
48 BL Castillo, Bobby ebay-icon
49 BL Woods, Alvis ebay-icon
50 BL Bell, Buddy ebay-icon
52 BL Andersen, Larry ebay-icon
54 BL Hassey, Ron ebay-icon
55 BL Burleson, Rick ebay-icon
60 BL Armas, Tony ebay-icon
64 BL Jones, Lynn ebay-icon
65 BL Kennedy, Terry ebay-icon
67 BL Gale, Rich ebay-icon
68 BL Howell, Roy ebay-icon
70 BL Raines, Tim ebay-icon
71 BL Jackson, Roy Lee ebay-icon
72 BL Auerbach, Rick ebay-icon
73 BL Solomon, Buddy ebay-icon
74 BL Clark, Bob ebay-icon
77 BL Dilone, Miguel ebay-icon
78 BL Medich, George ebay-icon
80 BL Palmer, Jim ebay-icon
81 BL Palmer, Jim ebay-icon
84 BL Stennett, Rennie ebay-icon
87 BL Keough, Matt ebay-icon
88 BL Pocoroba, Biff ebay-icon
89 BL Henderson, Steve ebay-icon
90 BL Ryan, Nolan ebay-icon
91 BL Lansford, Carney ebay-icon
92 BL Havens, Brad ebay-icon
94 BL Hassler, Andy ebay-icon
95 BL Smith, Ozzie ebay-icon
98 BL Bulling, Terry ebay-icon
99 BL Bonnell, Barry ebay-icon
100 BL Schmidt, Mike ebay-icon
101 BL Schmidt, Mike ebay-icon
105 BL Gibson, Kirk ebay-icon
107 BL Krenchicki, Wayne ebay-icon
109 BL Revering, Dave ebay-icon
110 BL Fisk, Carlton ebay-icon
112 BL Sample, Billy ebay-icon
113 BL McCatty, Steve ebay-icon
114 BL Landreaux, Ken ebay-icon
115 BL Perry, Gaylord ebay-icon
116 BL Wohlford, Jim ebay-icon
117 BL Eastwick, Rawly ebay-icon
119 BL Pittman, Joe ebay-icon
120 BL Lucas, Gary ebay-icon
122 BL Easterly, Jamie ebay-icon
123 BL Goodwin, Danny ebay-icon
125 BL Ainge, Danny ebay-icon
127 BL Smith, Lonnie ebay-icon
128 BL Pastore, Frank ebay-icon
130 BL Cruz, Julio ebay-icon
131 BL Bahnsen, Stan ebay-icon
132 BL May, Lee ebay-icon
134 BL Ford, Dan ebay-icon
135 BL Rincon, Andy ebay-icon
136 BL Sakata, Lenn ebay-icon
137 BL Cappuzzello, George ebay-icon
138 BL Pena, Tony ebay-icon
140 BL Leflore, Ron ebay-icon
143 BL Wilson, Mookie ebay-icon
147 BL Walling, Denny ebay-icon
150 BL Simmons, Ted ebay-icon
155 BL Velez, Otto ebay-icon
157 BL Crawford, Steve ebay-icon
158 BL Downing, Brian ebay-icon
159 BL Biittner, Larry ebay-icon
160 BL Tiant, Luis ebay-icon
170 BL Bibby, Jim ebay-icon
172 BL Gullickson, Bill ebay-icon
173 BL Quirk, Jamie ebay-icon
174 BL Ford, Dave ebay-icon
175 BL Mumphrey, Jerry ebay-icon
177 BL Ellis, John ebay-icon
178 BL Miller, Dyar ebay-icon
179 BL Garvey, Steve ebay-icon
181 BL Martinez, Silvio ebay-icon
183 BL Proly, Mike ebay-icon
185 BL Niekro, Phil ebay-icon
189 BL Hoffman, Glenn ebay-icon
190 BL Richard, J.r. ebay-icon
192 BL Perkins, Broderick ebay-icon
198 BL Speier, Chris ebay-icon
200 BL Brett, George ebay-icon
201 BL Brett, George ebay-icon
204 BL Roenicke, Gary ebay-icon
209 BL Lavelle, Gary ebay-icon
210 BL Hernandez, Keith ebay-icon
211 BL Petry, Dan ebay-icon
212 BL Mendoza, Mario ebay-icon
215 BL Krukow, Mike ebay-icon
220 BL Trillo, Manny ebay-icon
221 BL Slaton, Jim ebay-icon
222 BL Wynegar, Butch ebay-icon
223 BL Moseby, Lloyd ebay-icon
224 BL Bochte, Bruce ebay-icon
225 BL Torrez, Mike ebay-icon
228 BL Mejias, Sam ebay-icon
230 BL Wilson, Willie ebay-icon
232 BL Crowley, Terry ebay-icon
233 BL Kuiper, Duane ebay-icon
234 BL Hodges, Ron ebay-icon
235 BL Easler, Mike ebay-icon
237 BL Kuntz, Rusty ebay-icon
238 BL Saucier, Kevin ebay-icon
239 BL Matlack, Jon ebay-icon
240 BL Dent, Bucky ebay-icon
241 BL Dent, Bucky ebay-icon
245 BL Reitz, Ken ebay-icon
247 BL Guerrero, Pedro ebay-icon
251 BL Lynn, Fred ebay-icon
255 BL Perez, Tony ebay-icon
256 BL Perez, Tony ebay-icon
257 BL Harlow, Larry ebay-icon
258 BL Diaz, Bo ebay-icon
259 BL Scott, Rodney ebay-icon
260 BL Sutter, Bruce ebay-icon
262 BL Bair, Doug ebay-icon
264 BL Quisenberry, Dan ebay-icon
265 BL Bumbry, Al ebay-icon
267 BL Bevacqua, Kurt ebay-icon
270 BL Staub, Rusty ebay-icon
272 BL Wills, Bump ebay-icon
275 BL Watson, Bob ebay-icon
278 BL Littlefield, John ebay-icon
280 BL Oglivie, Ben ebay-icon
281 BL Verhoeven, John ebay-icon
282 BL Macha, Ken ebay-icon
283 BL Allard, Brian ebay-icon
285 BL Lyle, Sparky ebay-icon
287 BL Bannister, Alan ebay-icon
288 BL Templeton, Garry ebay-icon
289 BL Stanley, Bob ebay-icon
290 BL Singleton, Ken ebay-icon
297 BL Hurdle, Clint ebay-icon
299 BL Trout, Steve ebay-icon
300 BL Jackson, Reggie ebay-icon
301 BL Jackson, Reggie ebay-icon
302 BL Flynn, Doug ebay-icon
305 BL Sutton, Don ebay-icon
307 BL Bass, Randy ebay-icon
308 BL Moore, Charlie ebay-icon
310 BL Hargrove, Mike ebay-icon
312 BL Randle, Lenny ebay-icon
313 BL Harris, John ebay-icon
315 BL Hooton, Burt ebay-icon
317 BL Ruthven, Dick ebay-icon
323 BL Lee, Bill ebay-icon
324 BL Dillard, Steve ebay-icon
325 BL Cruz, Jose ebay-icon
328 BL Farmer, Ed ebay-icon
329 BL Washington, U.l. ebay-icon
330 BL Wise, Rick ebay-icon
332 BL Robinson, Don ebay-icon
334 BL Rodriguez, Aurelio ebay-icon
335 BL Sundberg, Jim ebay-icon
339 BL Schmidt, Mike ebay-icon
340 BL Concepcion, Dave ebay-icon
341 BL Dawson, Andre ebay-icon
342 BL Foster, George ebay-icon
343 BL Parker, Dave ebay-icon
344 BL Carter, Gary ebay-icon
345 BL All, Valenzuela ebay-icon
349 BL Frazier, George ebay-icon
352 BL Davis, Dick ebay-icon
354 BL Ramos, Roberto ebay-icon
355 BL Evans, Dwight ebay-icon
357 BL Hobson, Butch ebay-icon
359 BL Dwyer, Jim ebay-icon
360 BL Barker, Len ebay-icon
363 BL Molinaro, Bob ebay-icon
365 BL-a Madlock, Bill Gray cloud on back ebay-icon
365 BL-b Madlock, Bill No cloud on back ebay-icon
370 BL Norris, Mike ebay-icon
380 BL Stieb, Dave ebay-icon
382 BL Simpson, Joe ebay-icon
385 BL-a Forsch, Ken Red strip on cap ebay-icon
385 BL-b Forsch, Ken No strip on cap ebay-icon
387 BL Veryzer, Tom ebay-icon
388 BL Rudi, Joe ebay-icon
390 BL Murray, Eddie ebay-icon
397 BL Brett, Ken ebay-icon
398 BL Squires, Mike ebay-icon
399 BL Zachry, Pat ebay-icon
400 BL Bench, Johnny ebay-icon
406 BL Holland, Al ebay-icon
409 BL Cooper, Don ebay-icon
412 BL Leal, Luis ebay-icon
413 BL Meyer, Dan ebay-icon
415 BL Baylor, Don ebay-icon
417 BL Kelly, Pat ebay-icon
419 BL Stone, Steve ebay-icon
420 BL Hendrick, George ebay-icon
421 BL Clear, Mark ebay-icon
422 BL Johnson, Cliff ebay-icon
423 BL Papi, Stan ebay-icon
424 BL Benedict, Bruce ebay-icon
425 BL Candelaria, John ebay-icon
430 BL Blue, Vida ebay-icon
440 BL Burroughs, Jeff ebay-icon
442 BL Kison, Bruce ebay-icon
443 BL Wagner, Mark ebay-icon
445 BL Parrish, Larry ebay-icon
446 BL Garland, Wayne ebay-icon
448 BL Porter, Darrell ebay-icon
450 BL Morris, Jack ebay-icon
451 BL Miller, Ed ebay-icon
459 BL Berenyi, Bruce ebay-icon
460 BL Clark, Jack ebay-icon
461 BL Dotson, Rich ebay-icon
462 BL Chalkc, Dave ebay-icon
463 BL Kern, Jim ebay-icon
464 BL Bonilla, Juan ebay-icon
465 BL Mazzilli, Lee ebay-icon
467 BL Hatcher, Mickey ebay-icon
468 BL Bannister, Floyd ebay-icon
472 BL Gamble, Oscar ebay-icon
475 BL Trammell, Alan ebay-icon
476 BL Kingman, Brian ebay-icon
477 BL Yeager, Steve ebay-icon
480 BL Carlton, Steve ebay-icon
481 BL Carlton, Steve ebay-icon
484 BL Dejesus, Ivan ebay-icon
490 BL Eckersley, Dennis ebay-icon
492 BL Price, Joe ebay-icon
493 BL Lemon, Chet ebay-icon
494 BL Brooks, Hubie ebay-icon
495 BL Leonard, Dennis ebay-icon
496 BL Grubb, Johnny ebay-icon
498 BL Bergman, Dave ebay-icon
499 BL Mirabella, Paul ebay-icon
500 BL Carew, Rod ebay-icon
501 BL Carew, Rod ebay-icon
503 BL Gonzalez, Julio ebay-icon
507 BL Harper, Terry ebay-icon
510 BL Valenzuela, Fernando ebay-icon
511 BL Jones, Ruppert ebay-icon
512 BL Dybzinski, Jerry ebay-icon
515 BL Bowa, Larry ebay-icon
518 BL Iorg, Garth ebay-icon
519 BL Adams, Glenn ebay-icon
520 BL Flanagan, Mike ebay-icon
521 BL Almon, Bill ebay-icon
523 BL Gray, Gary ebay-icon
524 BL Hausman, Tom ebay-icon
532 BL Harrah, Toby ebay-icon
534 BL McKay, Dave ebay-icon
536 BL Ramirez, Rafael ebay-icon
540 BL Dawson, Andre ebay-icon
541 BL Evans, Barry ebay-icon
542 BL Yost, Ned ebay-icon
543 BL Robinson, Bill ebay-icon
547 BL Carew, Rod ebay-icon
548 BL Randolph, Willie ebay-icon
549 BL Brett, George ebay-icon
550 BL Dent, Bucky ebay-icon
551 BL Jackson, Reggie ebay-icon
552 BL Singleton, Ken ebay-icon
img-icon 553 BL Winfield, Dave ebay-icon
554 BL Fisk, Carlton ebay-icon
555 BL McGregor, S ebay-icon
556 BL Morris, Jack ebay-icon
557 BL Gossage, Rich ebay-icon
560 BL Corbett, Doug ebay-icon
563 BL Baumgarten, Ross ebay-icon
564 BL Decinces, Doug ebay-icon
565 BL Todd, Jackson ebay-icon
567 BL Babcock, Bob ebay-icon
568 BL Pettini, Joe ebay-icon
569 BL Randolph, Willie ebay-icon
573 BL Waits, Rick ebay-icon
574 BL Ramsey, Mike ebay-icon
575 BL Cowens, Al ebay-icon
579 BL Mahler, Rick ebay-icon
580 BL Bonds, Bobby ebay-icon
581 BL Reed, Ron ebay-icon
582 BL Pujols, Luis ebay-icon
585 BL Fingers, Rollie ebay-icon
588 BL Berra, Dale ebay-icon
590 BL Oliver, Al ebay-icon
594 BL Martin, Renie ebay-icon
600 BL Winfield, Dave ebay-icon
601 BL Monge, Sid ebay-icon
602 BL Patek, Freddie ebay-icon
603 BL Hebner, Rich ebay-icon
608 BL Royster, Jerry ebay-icon
610 BL Henderson, Rickey ebay-icon
611 BL Niekro, Joe ebay-icon
612 BL Ward, Gary ebay-icon
613 BL Gantner, Jim ebay-icon
615 BL Boone, Bob ebay-icon
616 BL Boone, Bob ebay-icon
622 BL Lamp, Dennis ebay-icon
624 BL Jenkins, Ferguson ebay-icon
625 BL McRae, Hal ebay-icon
626 BL Jones, Randy ebay-icon
627 BL Cabell, Enos ebay-icon
629 BL Wockenfuss, John ebay-icon
630 BL Charboneau, Joe ebay-icon
632 BL Clark, Bryan ebay-icon
635 BL Davis, Ron ebay-icon
637 BL Camp, Rick ebay-icon
640 BL Cedeno, Cesar ebay-icon
645 BL White, Frank ebay-icon
646 BL White, Frank ebay-icon
648 BL Morales, Jose ebay-icon
649 BL Clay, Ken ebay-icon
654 BL Morrison, Jim ebay-icon
655 BL Youngblood, Joel ebay-icon
656 BL Whitson, Eddie ebay-icon
661 BL Concepcion, Dave ebay-icon
663 BL Cruz, Hector ebay-icon
664 BL-a Spillner, Dan Letters underlined ebay-icon
664 BL-b Spillner, Dan No letters underlined ebay-icon
665 BL Clancy, Jim ebay-icon
668 BL Murphy, Dale ebay-icon
669 BL Milbourne, Larry ebay-icon
670 BL Kemp, Steve ebay-icon
672 BL Knepper, Bob ebay-icon
675 BL-a Cooper, Cecil Gray cloud on back ebay-icon
675 BL-b Cooper, Cecil No cloud on back ebay-icon
677 BL Griffin, Alfredo ebay-icon
678 BL Paciorek, Tom ebay-icon
684 BL Baines, Harold ebay-icon
685 BL Blyleven, Bert ebay-icon
686 BL Allenson, Gary ebay-icon
690 BL Kingman, Dave ebay-icon
691 BL Schatzeder, Dan ebay-icon
694 BL Wehrmeister, Dave ebay-icon
695 BL Cromartie, Warren ebay-icon
700 BL Foster, George ebay-icon
702 BL Renko, Steve ebay-icon
704 BL Rivers, Mickey ebay-icon
705 BL Rivers, Mickey ebay-icon
706 BL Foote, Barry ebay-icon
707 BL Bomback, Mark ebay-icon
708 BL Richards, Gene ebay-icon
710 BL Reuss, Jerry ebay-icon
713 BL Unser, Del ebay-icon
715 BL Stargell, Willie ebay-icon
716 BL Stargell, Willie ebay-icon
718 BL Hough, Charlie ebay-icon
720 BL Luzinski, Greg ebay-icon
721 BL Luzinski, Greg ebay-icon
722 BL Martin, Jerry ebay-icon
724 BL Rosello, Dave ebay-icon
725 BL Otis, Amos ebay-icon
730 BL Carter, Gary ebay-icon
735 BL May, Rudy ebay-icon
737 BL Cleveland, Reggie ebay-icon
738 BL Engle, Dave ebay-icon
739 BL McLaughlin, Joey ebay-icon
740 BL Lopes, Dave ebay-icon
741 BL Lopes, Dave ebay-icon
742 BL Drago, Dick ebay-icon
743 BL Stearns, John ebay-icon
745 BL McBride, Bake ebay-icon
747 BL Lowenstein, John ebay-icon
748 BL Hill, Marc ebay-icon
751 BL Honeycutt, Rick ebay-icon
753 BL Brookens, Tom ebay-icon
754 BL Morgan, Joe ebay-icon
757 BL Underwood, Tom ebay-icon
760 BL Buckner, Bill ebay-icon
761 BL Smith, Dave ebay-icon
764 BL Swisher, Steve ebay-icon
765 BL Thomas, Gorman ebay-icon
767 BL Smalley, Roy ebay-icon
768 BL Garvin, Jerry ebay-icon
769 BL Zisk, Richie ebay-icon
771 BL Gossage, Rich ebay-icon
775 BL Forsch, Bob ebay-icon
776 BL Belanger, Mark ebay-icon
777 BL Griffin, Tom ebay-icon
778 BL Hickey, Kevin ebay-icon
780 BL Rose, Pete ebay-icon
781 BL Rose, Pete ebay-icon
782 BL Taveras, Frank ebay-icon
784 BL Wilcox, Milt ebay-icon
788 BL Fryman, Woodie ebay-icon
790 BL Gura, Larry ebay-icon
792 BL Tanana, Frank ebay-icon

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