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1985 Donruss

# Var. Name Details Search
74 a Perconte, Jack "Batted .346..." ebay-icon
74 b Perconte, Jack "Led the..." ebay-icon
374 UER Jackson, Danny Photo is actually Steve Farr ebay-icon
424 a Seaver, Tom Left handed; Photo actually Floyd Bannister ebay-icon
424 b Seaver, Tom Corrected ebay-icon
534 a Pendleton, Terry "Jeff" Pendleton ebay-icon
534 b Pendleton, Terry Corrected ebay-icon
614 UER Nipper, Al Photo is actually Mike Brown ebay-icon
640 a Jones, Mike "Was 11-7..." ebay-icon
640 b Jones, Mike "Spent some..." ebay-icon
651 a Two For The Title, Yellow letters ebay-icon
651 b Two For The Title, White letters ebay-icon

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