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1987 Topps

# Var. Name Details Search
92 a Lugo, Urbano No trademark on front ebay-icon
92 b Lugo, Urbano Trademark on front ebay-icon
344 a Niekro, Joe Copyright outside yellow on back ebay-icon
344 b Niekro, Joe Copyright inside yellow on back ebay-icon
603 a Gooden, Dwight No trademark on front ebay-icon
603 b Gooden, Dwight Trademark on front ebay-icon
606 a Mattingly, Don No trademark on front ebay-icon
606 b Mattingly, Don Trademark on front ebay-icon
671 a Soff, Ray No "D*" before copyright line ebay-icon
671 b Soff, Ray "D*" before copyright line ebay-icon

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