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1988 Fleer

# Var. Name Details Search
21 a Schatzeder, Dan Incorrectly spelled Schatzader ebay-icon
21 b Schatzeder, Dan Corrected ebay-icon
68 a Robinson, Jeff 12-13-60 on back ebay-icon
68 b Robinson, Jeff 12/14/61 on back ebay-icon
425 a Moreland, Keith Bunting; actually Jody Davis ebay-icon
425 b Moreland, Keith Standing upright ebay-icon
462 a Browne, Jerry Photo actually Bob Brower ebay-icon
462 b Browne, Jerry Corrected ebay-icon
654 a Checklist 1-101, 21 is Schatzader ebay-icon
654 b Checklist 1-101, 21 is Schatzeder

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