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1988 Score

Image # Var. Name Details Search
126 a Valle, Dave Dale Valle on front ebay-icon
126 b Valle, Dave Corrected ebay-icon
133 a Andersen, Larry Anderson on front ebay-icon
133 b Andersen, Larry Corrected ebay-icon
134 a Brenly, Bob Brenley on front ebay-icon
img-icon 134 b Brenly, Bob Corrected ebay-icon
158 a Mazzilli, Lee Mazilli on front ebay-icon
img-icon 158 b Mazzilli, Lee Corrected ebay-icon
261 a Niedenfuer, Tom Neidenfuer on front ebay-icon
261 b Niedenfuer, Tom Corrected ebay-icon
297 a Francona, Terry Franconia on front ebay-icon
297 b Francona, Terry Corrected ebay-icon
419 a Christensen, John Christiansen on front ebay-icon
419 b Christensen, John Corrected ebay-icon

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