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1989 Score

Image # Var. Name Details Search
img-icon 75 a Brett, George ebay-icon
img-icon 75 b Brett, George ebay-icon
120 UER Fielder, Cecil Photo reversed ebay-icon
135 a Knight, Ray Photo reversed ebay-icon
135 b Knight, Ray Corrected ebay-icon
350 a Clemens, Roger 778 wins ebay-icon
350 b Clemens, Roger 78 wins ebay-icon
507 a Holton, Brian Born 1/25/65 ebay-icon
507 b Holton, Brian Born 11/29/59 ebay-icon
552 a Rijo, Jose Uniform #24 on back ebay-icon
552 b Rijo, Jose Uniform #27 on back ebay-icon
img-icon 595 a Gibson, Paul Player grabbing cup in background ebay-icon
595 b Gibson, Paul Hand airbrushed away in background ebay-icon
654 a Boggs, Wade "...sixth consecutive seaason..." ebay-icon
654 b Boggs, Wade "...season..." corrected ebay-icon

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