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1990 Topps

Image # Var. Name Details Search
NNO a Mattingly, Don Break in border at bottom right ebay-icon
NNO b Mattingly, Don No break in border ebay-icon
img-icon 141 a Hart, John Black missing at top left ebay-icon
141 b Hart, John Corrected ebay-icon
img-icon 383 a Morris, John Black missing at top right ebay-icon
383 b Morris, John Corrected ebay-icon
385 a McGriff, Fred (as) Black missing at bottom left ebay-icon
385 b McGriff, Fred (as) Corrected ebay-icon
img-icon 386 a Franco, Julio (as) Black missing at top right ebay-icon
386 b Franco, Julio (as) Corrected ebay-icon
395 a Russell, Jeff (as) Black missing across card ebay-icon
395 b Russell, Jeff (as) Corrected ebay-icon
img-icon 414 a Thomas, Frank No name on front ebay-icon
img-icon 414 b Thomas, Frank Name on front ebay-icon

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