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1990 Upper Deck

# Var. Name Details Search
60 a Orioles Checklist, 683 is Jamie Weston ebay-icon
60 b Orioles Checklist, 683 is Mickey Weston
89 a Gott, Jim Incorrect photo ebay-icon
89 b Gott, Jim Corrected photo ebay-icon
478 a Garrelts, Scott Photo is actually Bill Bathe ebay-icon
478 b Garrelts, Scott Corrected photo ebay-icon
562 a Innis, Jeff Photo is actually David West ebay-icon
562 b Innis, Jeff Corrected photo ebay-icon
597 a McGaffigan, Andy Player #48; photo is Rich Thompson ebay-icon
597 b McGaffigan, Andy Player #27; corrected photo ebay-icon
683 a Weston, Mickey Jamie Weston on front ebay-icon
683 b Weston, Mickey Corrected ebay-icon
700 a Checklist 601-700, #683 Jamie Weston ebay-icon
700 b Checklist 601-700, #683 Mickey Weston
734 a Ryan, Nolan 300-win stripe on front ebay-icon
734 b Ryan, Nolan No 300-win stripe ebay-icon

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