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1958 Topps

# Var. Name Details Search
2 a Lemon, Bob Yellow team ebay-icon
2 b Lemon, Bob White team ebay-icon
8 a Kasko, Eddie Yellow name ebay-icon
8 b Kasko, Eddie White name ebay-icon
11 a Rivera, Jim Yellow team ebay-icon
11 b Rivera, Jim White team ebay-icon
13 a Hoeft, Billy Yellow name ebay-icon
13 b Hoeft, Billy White name, orange triangle by foot ebay-icon
13 c Hoeft, Billy White name, red triangle by foot ebay-icon
20 a McDougald, Gil Yellow name ebay-icon
20 b McDougald, Gil White name ebay-icon
23 a Tuttle, Billy Yellow name ebay-icon
23 b Tuttle, Billy White name ebay-icon
24 a Landrith, Hobie Yellow name ebay-icon
24 b Landrith, Hobie White name ebay-icon
30 a Aaron, Hank Yellow name ebay-icon
30 b Aaron, Hank White name ebay-icon
32 a Porter, J.w. Yellow name ebay-icon
32 b Porter, J.w. White name ebay-icon
33 a Neeman, Cal Yellow team ebay-icon
33 b Neeman, Cal White team ebay-icon
35 a Mossi, Don Yellow team ebay-icon
35 b Mossi, Don White team ebay-icon
37 UER McCormick, Mik Photo is actually Ray Monzant ebay-icon
46 a Sleater, Lou Yellow name ebay-icon
46 b Sleater, Lou White name ebay-icon
50 a Pierce, Billy Yellow team ebay-icon
50 b Pierce, Billy White team ebay-icon
52 a Clemente, Bob Yellow team ebay-icon
52 b Clemente, Bob White team ebay-icon
53 a Martin, Morrie Yellow name ebay-icon
53 b Martin, Morrie White name ebay-icon
57 a Thompson, Tim Yellow name ebay-icon
57 b Thompson, Tim White name ebay-icon
58 a Schult, Art Yellow team ebay-icon
58 b Schult, Art White team ebay-icon
60 a Ennis, Del Yellow name ebay-icon
60 b Ennis, Del White name ebay-icon
61 a Johnson, Darrell Yellow name ebay-icon
61 b Johnson, Darrell White name ebay-icon
65 a McDaniel, Von Yellow name ebay-icon
65 b McDaniel, Von White name ebay-icon
70 a Kaline, Al Yellow name ebay-icon
70 b Kaline, Al White name ebay-icon
76 a Farrell, Dick Yellow team ebay-icon
76 b Farrell, Dick White team ebay-icon
77 a Zimmer, Don Yellow team ebay-icon
77 b Zimmer, Don White team ebay-icon
78 a Johnson, Ernie Yellow name ebay-icon
78 b Johnson, Ernie White name ebay-icon
79 a Williams, Dick Yellow team ebay-icon
79 b Williams, Dick White team ebay-icon
81 a Boros, Steve Yellow team ebay-icon
81 b Boros, Steve White team ebay-icon
85 a Aparicio, Luis Yellow team ebay-icon
85 b Aparicio, Luis White team ebay-icon
92 a Courtney, Clint Yellow name ebay-icon
92 b Courtney, Clint White name ebay-icon
97 a Jackson, Larry Yellow name ebay-icon
97 b Jackson, Larry White name ebay-icon
98 a Hunter, Billy Yellow name ebay-icon
98 b Hunter, Billy White name ebay-icon
100 a Wynn, Early Yellow team ebay-icon
100 b Wynn, Early White team ebay-icon
101 a Richardson, Bobby Yellow name ebay-icon
101 b Richardson, Bobby White name ebay-icon
108 a Landis, Jim Yellow team ebay-icon
108 b Landis, Jim White team ebay-icon
188 UER Bolling, Milt Photo is actually Lou Berberet ebay-icon
226 UER Smith, Bob Photo is actually Bobby Gene Smith ebay-icon
377 a Milwaukee Braves Team, Alphabetical checklist ebay-icon
377 b Milwaukee Braves Team, Numerical checklist ebay-icon
397 a Detroit Tigers Team, Alphabetical checklist ebay-icon
397 b Detroit Tigers Team, Numerical checklist ebay-icon
408 a Baltimore Orioles Team, Alphabetical checklist ebay-icon
408 b Baltimore Orioles Team, Numerical checklist ebay-icon
428 a Cincinnati Redlegs Team, Alphabetical checklist ebay-icon
428 b Cincinnati Redlegs Team, Numerical checklist ebay-icon
433 a Herrera, Pancho Correct ebay-icon
433 b Herrera, Pancho No "a" in Herrera ebay-icon

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